stats interface - hierarchal stats

I'm wondering if we need some sort of sub hierarchy in the stats return objects  sort of like a MIB. Oops did I say MIB :-)

Here are some use cases for the type of things I am thinking about. Say we have one Track that has a bunch of CSRCs on it, could the stats API return the list of all the CSRC for that track? 

Say we have multiplexing, bundle etc and have all audio video using just one ICE machine. But that ICE machine has negotiated several successfully candidates and for each candidates, I would like to see what the computed RTT for that candidate is. Would there be a way for the ICE stats to include all the candidates  and stats for each candidate. 

One way to solve with would be to allow the statValue in the stats dictionary in Harald's proposal to also include arrays and dictionaries in a recursive way. 

Thoughts on ways to solve use cases like this?

Received on Monday, 3 September 2012 15:41:21 UTC