Re: Web Platform Wednesdays

Hi, folks-

After discussion with Julee and Eliot today, we decided to add borders 
to the list [1][2].

This kickoff week will be a bit ambitious: 25 articles, pertaining to 
outlines and borders. Most of these pages already exist, and they are 
often fairly basic with a lot of repetition, so it will not be that much 
of a challenge.

Based on the results of the doodle poll that Julee sent out last week, 
we chose those people who said they would be most available on 
Wednesdays (and I took the liberty of adding Chris Mills, who's 
co-leading the Content Task Force).

So, the first batch of coordinators will be Julee, Scott, Chris, Janet, 
and me. If you feel left out, volunteer to edit a few articles this 
week, and show your stuff! You might be in the next round of coordinators.

On 5/6/13 12:08 PM, Julee Burdekin wrote:
> This is so cool! Thanks much, Doug! A couple of questions. Just to
> confirm: the coordinators are supposed to edit three tables on the
> three pages each time a task is finished?

Sadly, yes.

Its busywork, but I think it's worth it (and it's not hard, just a bit

If anyone has a clever idea for how we can decrease this busywork, I'm
open to suggestions.

On 5/6/13 1:10 PM, Scott Rowe wrote:
> Wow! Great work here, Doug. I'll take the point of integrating this
> with our Getting Started and Editor's guides. I'm also keen to finish
> the remaining Flexbox properties before Wednesday.

Fantastic! Thanks!



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