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This is so cool! Thanks much, Doug! A couple of questions. Just to
confirm: the coordinators are supposed to edit three tables on the three
pages each time a task is finished?



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Date: Monday, May 6, 2013 1:12 AM
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>Hi, folks-
>To help us get started with our new systematic push for breaking down
>CSS property contributions into bite-sized morsels, I took the liberty
>of creating a basic infrastructure.
>What I've done:
>* Wrote up a project page [1] for Web Platform Wednesdays (or "WPD
>Wednesdays"?), describing the goals and specific tasks and articles, and
>settled on some terminology and methodology
>* Simplified the CSS properties spreadsheet and made it into a sortable
>table in the wiki [2] (for contributor consumption... the coordinators
>can still keep track of everything in the spreadsheet)
>* Added topic clusters for 2/3 of the properties, with a focus on P0-P2
>priority items (but still needs work and review); announcing specific
>topics (as identified by these topic clusters) will help us get
>contributors, since it will be a concrete and identifiable goal ("Oh,
>hey, I can write an example for outline properties!")
>* Created a task outline page [3] for keeping track of contributors and
>tasks on a weekly basis; the plan is to have one such page for each week
>* Updated the Site Notice to call for CSS contributors to our new Web
>Platform Wednesdays page
>What we need:
>* Badge for "CSS Beta Hero" and "Beta Coordinator"
>* Finalize this week's target articles
>* Finish (and confirm) topic clusters
>* Add URLs to each property article (some missing, most don't link
>directly to ID for property section)
>* Write blog article (started)
>* Figure out how we're going to represent this in the project
>management/issue tracker system (if at all)
>* Integrate this into our existing "getting started/editor's guide"
>workflow documentation
>* Create stubs for each article for this week (or better yet, make a
>script to do that for all articles)
>I think we should aim for 20 articles per week. That may seem ambitious,
>but I think we're better off inspiring contributors (especially
>volunteers) with a challenge, rather than limp along. If every one of
>the coordinators did 1 page a week themselves (if that's not too much to
>ask), that would be about a quarter to a half of the pages for that week
>(depending on how many coordinators we have each week).
>It's important to note that the work will probably not get done on
>Wednesday... that's just a coordination day, and we should accommodate
>volunteers who need help on any other day, too... as much as we can.
>We will get some people who want to contribute, and sign up for a slot,
>but get busy and can't complete it that week. We should come up with a
>way to deal with that.

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