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US Doc Sprint in a Box Meeting Notes 2013-08-16

From: Julee <julee@adobe.com>
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2013 10:14:50 -0700
To: WebPlatform Public List <public-webplatform@w3.org>
Message-ID: <CE38F21A.8F0C1%julee@adobe.com>
[11:02:11] <julee> Meeting starting?
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the channel.
[11:03:17] <eliot> hi
[11:04:45] <eliot> Scribe --> Eliot
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[11:05:15] <eliot> julee: talking about doc sprints. NY, LA,... talks have
been ad hoc until now.
[11:05:35] <eliot> shepazu: Impetus was Patrick asking how to do this
[11:05:47] <renoirb> back
[11:06:03] <eliot> julee: another call for Europe
[11:06:18] <eliot> peter: Google is working with the people in Amsterdam
[11:06:53] <eliot> ...for the anniversary
[11:07:14] <eliot> ...Chris Mills is working with the people in Zurich
[11:07:38] <eliot> shepazu: We want to finish the doc sprint in a box
[11:07:47] <eliot> ...we've learned what was effective.
[11:08:05] <eliot> ....for Seattle, we tied it to WPW, though we let people
work on what they wanted.
[11:08:25] <eliot> ....we could set up several areas if ppl have expertise
[11:08:40] <eliot> ...I felt like that added a focus
[11:08:58] <eliot> julee: We've used CSS since March
[11:09:23] <eliot> peter: you're going to get a range of abilities, and so
you need to onboard people.
[11:09:42] <eliot> ...Some of the people, you can't turn loose on CSS
[11:10:27] <eliot> Patrick: Is Google sponsoring something in NY?
[11:10:44] <eliot> peter: we decided to ficus a little more on Amsterdam.
[11:11:26] <eliot> PAtrick: there's a velocity conference in NY right after
[11:12:23] <eliot> ...it's easy to get people right after the conference.
[11:12:37] <eliot> ....but 3 weeks is not enough time to organize.
[11:13:04] <eliot> scott: we've had mixed results when piggy-backing
[11:13:17] <eliot> ....mostly it has to do with the venue, day, and time.
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[11:13:48] <eliot> ...people are more available on weekends if they're not
in the business but tangential business like education
[11:14:00] <eliot> ...during the week we get more dedicated devs.
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find beer and rock and roll...)
[11:14:37] <eliot> peter: more stewards during the week
[11:16:01] <eliot> eliot: We sent mail asking people to register 3 days
before with instructions
[11:16:18] <eliot> shepazu: and say over and over that they need a laptop
[11:16:37] <eliot> shepazu: which crowd is more productive?
[11:16:58] <eliot> peter: more stewards = more quality. Weekends is more
people for free food.
[11:17:09] <eliot> ...that's a general statement.
[11:17:22] <renoirb> shepazu: I got to go. Will probably join later.
[11:17:26] <eliot> Patrick: which was most successful?
[11:17:35] <eliot> peter: Germany. 2 day event
[11:17:53] <eliot> scott: Jay grabbed a lot of top talent. recuited really
[11:19:11] <eliot> shepazu: is the goal to onboard people or to keep them
[11:19:22] <eliot> peter: it was an evening and a day, right?
[11:19:57] <eliot> scott: noon Friday, then drinks, then Saturday regrouped
and continued and everyone went to dinner.
[11:20:34] <eliot> julee: maybe Jay should contribute to the kit. Having
everyone socialize and bond the first evening contributed to success.
[11:20:53] <eliot> ....the ultimate goal is to get people involved and for
longer periods of time
[11:21:14] <eliot> ...but if we had a doc sprint in July our CSS content
would be done.
[11:21:30] <eliot> ...We get a lot of our content contributions from the
[11:21:39] renoirb left the call, sorry.
[11:22:01] <eliot> shepazu: especially when you think that the stewards are
sending people to do work, too.
[11:22:32] <eliot> julee: Velocity is O'Reilly's conference. We don't have
anyone speaking there. Can we promote there?
[11:22:52] <eliot> shepazu: It may not be the right crowd, and the timing is
[11:23:06] <eliot> ...we have a conact at O'Reilly, though
[11:24:11] <eliot> ...we DO want to have a sprint in NY and soon.
[11:24:36] <eliot> peter: typically, I would advertize with html5 user group
[11:24:55] <eliot> patrick: yes, I run a js user group in NY, but it takes
some time
[11:25:31] <eliot> shepazu: prizes and swag?
[11:26:07] <eliot> ...typically, we should put together a list of things
people can get, where you got them,
[11:26:30] <eliot> ...tshirts, stickers, etc. and have it shipped directly
to the event
[11:26:41] <eliot> peter: I can share that
[11:27:26] <eliot> ...The common theme is that the doc sprints are a single
day. It's great to get somone to sponsore breakfast.
[11:27:38] <eliot> ...work until lunch, break, and then work until 5.
[11:27:55] <eliot> ....typically get people who are advanced to get to work
right away.
[11:28:17] <eliot> ....get people ready as much as possible beforehand
[11:28:30] <eliot> ...and then you need to break out newbies from pros
[11:28:47] <eliot> ...you need some quick presentations about what WPD is
[11:29:09] <eliot> ...and have task lists, with a central tracking
mechanism, where people can pick and own tasks.
[11:31:07] <eliot> scott: we used the getting started page and used queries
for certain types of tasks
[11:31:41] <eliot> ...you pick a tack and flag it as being worked on
[11:31:51] <eliot> ...and once you're done, remove flags
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[11:33:21] <eliot> ...you can break it down by things as specific as CSS
[11:33:47] <eliot> peter: and as much as we can use the wiki itself, the
[11:34:23] <eliot> ....getting people to report their progress is important.
using a central doc and giving prizes as incentive to mark progress.
[11:34:52] <eliot> ......also, giving prizes keep people until the end.
[11:36:05] <eliot> shepazu: If we have swag, does that attract people who
are waiting for only the raffle?
[11:37:22] <eliot> peter: it's a fine line. Raffling is neutral, but there
will always be a few slackers.
[11:37:53] <eliot> ...it's just part of doing things like that. But it is
[11:38:24] <eliot> shepazu: we should categorize the types of sway we can
[11:38:47] <eliot> ....we want events organized by the community, and how
can we supportt that with swag or prizes?
[11:39:11] <eliot> ....we should finish doc sprint in a box for our own use,
but it should also be for cumminty use.
[11:39:50] <eliot> peter: we talked to people for Amsterdam and stepped in
and helped with a location, food, and Scott is going over to help.
[11:40:20] <eliot> ....but really we can help fund some of these things.
stewards have venues or can support.
[11:40:53] <eliot> shepazu: Going back to the late afternoon doldrums: what
about a presentation by a spec editor?
[11:41:18] <eliot> peter: good for energizing and giving something to the
[11:41:37] <eliot> ...the celebrity participation is important
[11:41:48] <eliot> ....maybe tie it to at TTWF?
[11:42:02] <eliot> ...cross pollination.
[11:42:36] <eliot> julee: Rebecca and I will be at a presentation in
September and try to get people signed up.
[11:43:06] <eliot> shepazu: What do we need to do to finish doc sprint in a
[11:43:19] <eliot> peter: a doc sprint where we work on it
[11:44:38] <eliot> ....maybe a presentation; more resources on a page; block
out 2 hours and do a hangout?
[11:45:16] <eliot> shepazu: let's do it for one day where the east coast can
provide continuity? Start with Europe and follow the sun.
[11:45:40] <eliot> peter: in two weeks?
[11:46:18] <eliot> patrick: If I am going to organize a doc sprint, can we
talk with some people? Who?
[11:46:23] <eliot> peter: me
[11:47:08] <eliot> shepazu: part of the DS in a box should be a presentation
to give to potential hosts
[11:47:33] <eliot> patrick: need not be in person.
[11:47:47] <eliot> shepazu: record a hangout and use that. Less formal.
[11:48:40] <eliot> peter: fyi, it's so hard to have a hangout and a doc
sprint at the same time. the hangout gets ignored. You need a dedicated
person for the channel.
[11:49:40] <eliot> shepazu: the event is the event, though we may have a
virtual doc sprint in the future.
[11:52:07] <eliot> ACTION: julee to send out doodle to schedule hangout
[11:52:23] <eliot> DS in a box: the logistics of planning the event
[11:52:33] <eliot> 2) promoting and getting involvement
[11:52:57] <eliot> ....3) how to prepare people for the event
[11:53:20] <eliot> ...4) the logistics of SWAG
[11:53:56] <eliot> ...5) the content strategy: what content to work on.
alternative content/tasks
[11:54:21] <eliot> ...6) Who to invite as "celebrities"
[11:54:58] <eliot> ....7) coordinating with other events/ W3C meetings
[11:55:26] <eliot> ...8) getting stewards and WPD experts to join
[11:55:50] <eliot> ....9) the presentation about doing a doc sprint
[11:56:23] <eliot> julee: 10) a relative schedule. t-90 days, t-7 days
[11:56:50] <eliot> peter: 11) the blog post. When it gets made, reporting
out after, too.
[11:57:08] <eliot> ...12) preparing analytics
[11:57:51] <eliot> 13) picking dates, time, venue
[11:58:16] <eliot> ...14) adding the sprint to the calendar on the site
[11:58:48] <eliot> shepazu: the events should show up on our home page
[11:59:58] <eliot> ...communication: we should establish early on who can
[12:00:17] <eliot> julee: maybe they should check with people about
availability first
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[12:01:12] <eliot> shepazu: I'll find a list of W3C metings and see if
there's a good synergy

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