Should we doc these properties?

Hi, folks:

One of the properties for this week is grid-position. But it is obsoleted/unsupported. In looking around for some background on grid-position, I noticed several grid properties, such as grid-area, that weren't part of the grid bucket.

Which led me to a group of properties that were identified at the Seattle doc as not being on our master list. You can see those properties by going to the master list and sorting based on the "Week" column, and read the ones marked "W - was missing from original list. Should we add it?"[1] There are 154 properties with this question.

We probably don't need to include them all, so will you please go through the list and call out any that you think are P0 (highest priority), P1 or P2?

After some folks have voted for their favorites, I'll update the list.



Received on Monday, 19 August 2013 21:20:52 UTC