Please update action items - you know who you are! ;-)

Hello, everyone  but specifically those who often get action items assigned to them:

Looking ahead at the end of the CSS Properties project, we want to make sure that no critical task has been left undone. So in the general meeting we asked that folks go through the action items and mark them as DONE, or otherwise, as follows:

Action items cleanup: Please search for your name on this page.[1] It's probably associated with an action item. Either:
* Mark it as (DONE)
* Mark it as (DUE: <date>) (really, only pre-launch or post-launch)
* Mark it as (STATUS: NO LONGER IMPORTANT) or some other STATUS

You can always file a bug against yourself, set it to a milestone, and then on the general page mark the status: STATUS: Bug # filed.




Received on Wednesday, 14 August 2013 21:11:03 UTC