Re: Contribution Options (was: Changes in Site Notice)

Hi there!

I think I've introduced myself but received no response so far. I'm sure
you'll be really busy but I would really like to help since I work daily
with HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well :-)

Where could I lead my efforts?


*Antonio Laguna Matías*

2013/4/27 Doug Schepers <>

> Hi, Greg-
> On 4/27/13 4:49 PM, Greg Whitworth wrote:
>> I'm very interested in helping in any way needed. Article tech review,
>> writing new articles, code examples, testing, etc. Just let me know what
>> you guys need.
> Your enthusiasm is awesome, thanks!
> I see from your Twitter bio that you are into PHP, HTML, CSS and
> Javascript. We aren't doing PHP docs, but we are certainly doing the rest..
> Right now, we are still gearing up for integrating our JS docs, but while
> we've got some bottlenecks (notably the proper page templates for JS docs).
> But we've got plenty to do around CSS! Julee (from Adobe) is probably the
> best person to direct you. We need content, examples, and review for
> specific CSS properties. Julee, what is highest on your priorities for Greg
> (and others) to dig into?
> Regards-
> -Doug

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