Re: Caniuse features missing articles on WebPlatform Docs

Hi, Alexis-

On 4/27/13 7:58 PM, Alexis Deveria wrote:
> Hi all, I recently started to add links to WPD articles for
> <>,

That is awesome in and of itself!

> and came across a number that don't yet have
> related WPD pages. I figured people here might find it useful to know of
> this list, so I've added it as a user subpage here:
> Hope this is helpful as an indicator of what kind of things don't yet
> have pages, though I understand it doesn't make sense for each entry to
> have a page.

This is a great list, very useful. We should prioritize adding those 
pages. Please keep the list coming!

I agree with the ones you mark as unspecific, but even those could have 
landing pages with the collection of links to the specific articles (or 
perhaps you can add multiple links to WPD for those?).

Does anyone want to step up to start populating the pages on this list, 
even as stubs? I'd be happy to get someone started.


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