Contribution Options (was: Changes in Site Notice)

Hi, Greg-

On 4/27/13 4:49 PM, Greg Whitworth wrote:
> I'm very interested in helping in any way needed. Article tech review,
> writing new articles, code examples, testing, etc. Just let me know what
> you guys need.

Your enthusiasm is awesome, thanks!

I see from your Twitter bio that you are into PHP, HTML, CSS and 
Javascript. We aren't doing PHP docs, but we are certainly doing the rest.

Right now, we are still gearing up for integrating our JS docs, but 
while we've got some bottlenecks (notably the proper page templates for 
JS docs).

But we've got plenty to do around CSS! Julee (from Adobe) is probably 
the best person to direct you. We need content, examples, and review for 
specific CSS properties. Julee, what is highest on your priorities for 
Greg (and others) to dig into?


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