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Well, there should be an "about" page [1] since that issue has been 
sitting for quite a while.  That should be the "philosophy" if there is 
to be a page for it.

The more link also needs to go [2] since it is a UX nightmare. There is 
no reason to have multiple links go to the same area in the same nav 
menu with different names. Should it ever have a different name in any 
navigation item?

I also don't think we need a link to the stewards in the main 
navigation. There is a block of text lower down in the page going to the 
stewards page and then the footer logos on every page.



On 12/7/2012 6:43 AM, Chris Mills wrote:
> Hi all,
> One action I got from the public meeting earlier in the week was to think about better things to link the main navigation items on to. We currently have
> Docs		Chat
> Q&A		Tutorials
> Blog		More
> Tutorials and More are rather redundant, given that tutorials are part of Docs, and More just points to Docs anyhow.
> Doug is probably right that it'd make the area look a bit crappy if we just removed them, leaving only four menu choices. I wonder if maybe we could do that just temporarily, and then add stuff in afterwards, when new things appear?
> Things we could immediately add:
> 1. A link to the stewards page,
> 2. A link to our policies, and/or philosophy? Do we have a page that explains the WP philosophy?
> Things we are intending to have in the near future that w could add, but not immediately:
> 1. A link to education resources
> 2. A link to code examples. When Dabblet support gets added, perhaps we can add a page that just links to a directory of code examples.
> 3. A link to tutorial videos
> Any thoughts on this? Should we just leave it be for now? It just seems a shame to have redundant links on the homepage.
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