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On 7 Dec 2012, at 12:28, Jonathan Garbee <> wrote:

> Well, there should be an "about" page [1] since that issue has been sitting for quite a while.  That should be the "philosophy" if there is to be a page for it.

So, adding an "About/philosophy" page to the site, and changing one of the links in the main navigation to "About" - yup, I think this is definitely a good idea.

I am happy to draft this. What do we need on there?

1. More detail about what webplatform is
2. Why the site was created 
3. Philosophy behind it

Anything else?

> The more link also needs to go [2] since it is a UX nightmare. There is no reason to have multiple links go to the same area in the same nav menu with different names. Should it ever have a different name in any navigation item?

Sorry - I read the bug, but I don't know what other page you are suggesting adding here - it is as if a part of the explanation on the bug is missing? Can you elaborate on this second point?

> I also don't think we need a link to the stewards in the main navigation. There is a block of text lower down in the page going to the stewards page and then the footer logos on every page.

Yeah, I agree really - I was just throwing it out there as another idea. But your reaction confirms it in my mind as a bad idea.

> [1]
> [2]

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