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Hi all,

One action I got from the public meeting earlier in the week was to think about better things to link the main navigation items on to. We currently have

Docs		Chat
Q&A		Tutorials
Blog		More

Tutorials and More are rather redundant, given that tutorials are part of Docs, and More just points to Docs anyhow.

Doug is probably right that it'd make the area look a bit crappy if we just removed them, leaving only four menu choices. I wonder if maybe we could do that just temporarily, and then add stuff in afterwards, when new things appear?

Things we could immediately add:

1. A link to the stewards page,
2. A link to our policies, and/or philosophy? Do we have a page that explains the WP philosophy?

Things we are intending to have in the near future that w could add, but not immediately:

1. A link to education resources
2. A link to code examples. When Dabblet support gets added, perhaps we can add a page that just links to a directory of code examples.
3. A link to tutorial videos

Any thoughts on this? Should we just leave it be for now? It just seems a shame to have redundant links on the homepage.

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