RE: W3C Web Crypto WG - agenda for our call today @ 20:00 UTC

I would not be able to attend today's call. My apologies.

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I would have really liked to be on today's call, but unfortunately will be traveling.

I am really not sure what 'closure' means, but - as expressed by Mountie too - there are many issues tied to SOP based access control and key discoverability. I agree that these are not for current version, but we may want to tag them for a future version rather than close.


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Dear all,

Here is a proposed agenda for our call today @20 UTC
Bridge and irc are the usual ones
+1.617.761.6200, 27978# (CRYPT)
IRC #crypto


---------agenda proposal for 4th of february ------

1- Welcome - 5'

- attendees list

- pick a scribe  - (scribe guide  or )

- agenda approval

- minutes approval from previous meeting

2- Web Crypto API - 30'

W3C office discussion about IANA registry by Harry Halpin (W3C)

Schedule of JOSE work and dependency with our roadmap by Mike J (Microsoft)

Discussing proposal from editor to close issues
- PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-40 - How should we define key discovery, noting asynchronicity<> Ryan Sleevi
- PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-37 - Method Naming<> Ryan Sleevi
-  PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-34 - Representation of certificates<> Ryan Sleevi
-  PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-33 - Clarify text in section 5.1 with respect to how key tainting is handled with multi-origin scenario<> Ryan Sleevi
-  PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-32 - API should mention the use of secure elements in the context of key security<> Ryan Sleevi
-  PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-31 - Problems with keys attribute of the Crypto interface<> Ryan Sleevi
-  PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-30 - How does the application know where the key is stored ?<> Ryan Sleevi
-  PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-29 - Handling of block encryption modes and padding<> Ryan Sleevi
-  PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-26 - Should key generation be allowed to specify multi-origin shared access<> Ryan Sleevi
-  PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-25 - How do we provision Global Unique ID for pre-provisioned symmetric keys<> Ryan Sleevi
-  PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-24 - Defining a Synchronous API<> Ryan Sleevi
-  PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-19 - Does it make sense to have authorized-origin and specific-origin keys<> Ryan Sleevi
-  PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-18: Should it be possible to perform CryptoOperations as a 'streaming' operation with URI semantics?<> Ryan Sleevi
-  PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-17 - Define the scope and API for custom key attributes<> Ryan Sleevi
-  PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-15: Discovering certificates associated with (private) keys<> Ryan Sleevi
-  PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-10: Making sure our API is usable with pure js environement<> Ryan Sleevi

-  PROPOSAL: Close ISSUE-9<>

3- High Level API - 10'

Discussion on the first draft

4- secondary feature discussion - 5'

Define a placeholder for discussing secondary features

4- Group Life - 10'

Our next F2F : proposal of resolution : 24/24 April 2013 in California (in Paypal)

5- AOB - 5'

News from 3GPP

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