[webappsec] Dec 1, Thread 1: Rechartering

This is a time-sensitive thread: please reply before 24:00 GMT (5:00pm
PST) December 1st.

We have a Call for Consensus set to end today on a proposed rechartering:


The draft is at:


So far there has been strong assent to the proposal, with one exception:

Brad Hill is concerned that the Permissions API potentially expands the
scope of patent commitments necessary.

Mounir Lamouri responded at:

<hat=individual>I owe Mounir and the group a compromise proposal and am
working with my team on that, expect something soon.</hat>

And Mark Nottingham and Brian Smith have some concerns about the impact of

If you have further objections, please reply to this email within the time
frame indicated.

-Brad Hill

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