[webappsec] Cancel today's call?

Sorry folks, with the holiday weekend here in the USA I haven't yet
prepared an agenda.  Dan will be unable to attend, as well, which is
unfortunate as I have a personal position in one of the issues at stake
which makes me conflicted in managing the consensus.

Looking at the list, I see we are making good progress on most issues

There are three time-sensitive issues open right now that would benefit
from discussion: rechartering, the call for consensus on "Powerful
Features", and an update on addressing post-Last Call issues in CSP Level

I'll send out update mails immediately on these three and let's see if we
can manage them on the list and give folks their hour back today.  (or
spend that time catching up on the list)

Calls will resume as scheduled on Dec 15th.


Received on Monday, 1 December 2014 18:22:41 UTC