Call for consensus to move forward with proposed rechartering of WebAppSec WG

After discussion on yesterday's teleconference, I have added the
Permissions API (unofficial draft at:
to our proposed rechartering.

The full proposal is available at:

This is a call for Consensus on this draft charter.  Please respond as a
current member of the WG if you support or oppose proceeding with this
draft charter.  Note that after our consensus is ratified, the charter
will still need to go for AC review and members will need to re-join after
rechartering.  The charter sets out the scope of commitments your
organization will have to make to participate in this WG, as outlined by
the W3C Patent Policy
( so please consider
carefully now if your participation may be impacted.

Positive feedback is encouraged, but a lack of response will be considered
approval of this course of action.

This call for consensus will end at our next regular call on Monday, 1
December 2014.

Thank you,

Brad Hill
Co-Chair, WebAppSec WG

Received on Tuesday, 18 November 2014 19:32:11 UTC