Re: [webcomponents]: First stab at the Web Components spec

On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 4:39 PM, Scott Miles <> wrote:

> My issue is that the target of this link will not in general be an atomic
> thing like a 'component' or a 'module'. It's a carrier for resources and
> links to other resources. IMO this is one of the great strengths of this
> proposal.
> For this reason, when it was rel="components" (plural) there was no
> problem for me.
> Having said all that, I'm not particularly up in arms about this issue.
> The name will bend to the object in the fullness of time. :)
I guess that doesn't bother me because rel="stylesheet" isn't just one
stylesheet either, you can @import lots of them down there. :)

Similarly when I think of a "component" I don't think of one custom widget,
I think of lots of logically related bundled things.

- E

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