Allow ... centralized dialog up front

There is a problem confronting applications desiring to use a variety of
APIs such as pointerlock, fullscreen, WebRTC, local storage and so on.

The problem is that each instance of attempting to use such an API leads to
a new "Allow ..." popup the user has to click away.

By some discussion on the www-dom ML the same misery is about to befall
things like translating a Dom Event-Level 4 key code to a users locale.

I would propose to centralize this and make it an up-front dialog
remembered for a site such that:

- The application can trigger the dialog before attempting to use any of
the APIs
- It can get the results back what the user allowed the page to do
- For positive results the page will not have to double-check each APIs
availability/success/failure individually but can assume it's enabled.
- Unless the preference of the page changes in relation to the stored
preference, the dialog (or any popup) for the desired functionality will
not be pestering the user henceforth.

Received on Thursday, 31 January 2013 13:19:23 UTC