Re: [widgets] Questions regarding to "Test Suite for the XML Digital Signatures For Widgets Specification "

Thank you,

I have one more question:
Test 19dsa.wgt.
The deal is when I look on the certificate that is used for this test I see that 
it contains information about DSA Public Key, but the Signature Algorithm for 
this certificate is pointed as SHA1withRSA. Is it correct?
I am not familiar with DSA algorithm.But in other places where I look into 
certificate with DSA Public Key, I saw that certificate is signed with DSA and 
the SHA-1 hash algorithm (for instance here:
Also as I understand the signature value after DSA algorithm using shall contain 
two "big integer", written in the (ASN.1)  form, but in this test I see only 
some byte array without any ASN.1 tags.
May be the signature value is packed somehow? Haw can I unpack it?


On 1/31/2011 9:52 PM, Arthur Barstow wrote:
> Andrey - on January 26, Marcos proposed changing the c14n algorithm in [1] and 
> [2] and notified the group in [3] that he updated the Editor's Draft [ED] to 
> reflect his proposal. He included rationale in [1].

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