Re: clipboard events

> getData
> Calling getData() from within a paste event handler will return the
> clipboard data in the specified format. An implementation must support
> 'text/plain' and should support 'text/html' to retrieve any HTML formatted
> data on the system clipboard.
> If getData() is not called from within a paste event handler, or if the
> type is not available, the method returns undefined. Note: IE allows this,
> but it seems to go against user expectations
What should we do if getData is called within a copy event handler?   We
have an outstanding bug that requests that getData returns the content
that's about to be copied into the clipboard (  Should we consider such a

> Method exists in WebKit but doesn't seem to do anything
In WebKit, clipboard access is implemented by each port separately.  For
example, it's broken for Windows port ( but it works on Mac port.
(Note: we only support "text/plain" not "text").

If the type argument is not supported, the setData() call does nothing.
> setData() with unsupported type throws in IE
We should probably support text / URL as well.

Calling setData() from a paste event handler will modify the data before it
> is inserted. Not what WebKit does (but its support for setData() is
> non-existant anyway). IE does this.
And does not modify the clipboard?

- Ryosuke

Received on Thursday, 6 January 2011 07:36:43 UTC