Re: [WebSQL] Any future plans, or has IndexedDB replaced WebSQL?

In fairness, and perspective, GLSL is a big leap, adding one more language with neat features like swizzle and matrix math.

SQL is too big a leap for the time being. I'd like to see a continued effort at 'borrowing' from our new web family member, glsl. Typed arrays are wonderful. There's been a little exploration into CSSMatrix for mat4 operations. Interesting stuff.

That's my top-post opinion.

I have a lot of respect for sqlite-- postgres devs gave me the impression they'd prefer a method based API over relexing or reusing the sqlite dialect.


On Apr 6, 2011, at 10:24 PM, Boris Zbarsky <bzbarsky@MIT.EDU> wrote:

> On 4/4/11 10:15 AM, Ryan Fugger wrote:
>>> That's not the only reason.  Mozilla laid out others ten months ago:
>> Mozilla's plan appears to be to implement IndexedDB on top of SQLite,
> This is not a plan so much as a current stopgap.
> > Why not just expose the thing and let developers worry about whether
> > what they're using is standard or not, and suffer the consequences
> > later, if in fact there are any?
> Because due to the incentive structure here the entities making the bad decisions are not the ones who end up having to suffer the consequences.  It's a typical case of externalizing the negatives.
>> It seems to me that the proper role for standards
>> is to step in and help clear things up when they get messy
> Often it's too late by then.
> -Boris

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