Re: Offline Web Applications status

Thank you all for your valuable answers.

There seems to be a pretty solid agreement on "ability to exclude the
master page form the cache".
Michael, you are suggesting using a different way of referring to the
manifest: <http useManifest='x'>
Why not just let it be listed in the NETWORK section of the manifest?
It would make the means of including or excluding resources from the
cache more consistent.

>Allow cross-origin HTTPS resources to be included in manifest files.
>This much is actually done already in chromium impl as described on the whatwg list.
Is it already available in a stable version of Chrome?
I would also like to see this one fully implemented in Firefox asap.
I'll get in touch with our developers.

Micheal, have you got use-cases for the 4th and 5th feature request of
this thread [1]?
And could you please keep me updated with your implementation efforts
in Chromium?




Received on Thursday, 7 April 2011 09:08:54 UTC