Re: [IndexedDB] Do we need a timeout for VERSION_CHANGE?

In another thread (in the last couple days) we actually decided to remove
timeouts from normal transactions since they can be implemented as a

But I agree that we need a way to abort setVersion transactions before
getting the callback (so that we implement timeouts for them as well).
 Unfortunately, I don't immediately have any good ideas on how to do that


On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 10:46 PM, Pablo Castro

> Regular transactions take a timeout parameter when started, which ensures
> that we eventually make progress one way or the other if there's an
> un-cooperating script that won't let go of an object store or something like
> that.
> I'm not sure if we discussed this before, it seems that we need to add a
> similar thing for setVersion(), and it's basically a way of starting a
> transaction.
> I was thinking we could have an optional timeout argument in setVersion
> with a UA-specific default. In the async case we would fire the onerror
> event and in the sync case just throw, both with TIMEOUT_ERR.
> Thanks
> -pablo

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