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Hello Marcos

  Thank You, I am okay with the changes.


On Tuesday 02 November 2010 08:20 PM, Marcos Caceres wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 9:36 AM, viji<>  wrote:
>> Hello Marcos
>>    The changes for "Email attribute" and "Rule for Getting Text Content with
>> Normalized White Space" seem fine.
> Good to hear!
>>   I have a comment on usage of Global attributes for Icon, Feature, Content
>> and Param elements.
>>   For all these elements dir attribute does not make sense. The text you
>> added contains the line " What effect specifying a global attribute has on
>> an elements is determined by Step 7 of this specification."
>>   In step 7, the reference is given to Rule for Getting Text Content or rule
>> for getting a single attribute value  etc. Does this clarify as to whether
>> dir attribute is applicable or not for the elements like Icon, Feature,
>> Content and Param elements.
> Yes, these rules hopefully make it clear how and when dir and xml:lang
> are taken into consideration. You will notice that the rule for
> parsing a non-negative number does not take dir or xml:lang into
> account:
> While the Rule for Getting Text Content always returns a localizable string:
> Please do take a look and see if the rules make sense.
> The reason we leave the global attributes there is for
> forward/backwards compatibility in case we want to add human readable
> text in the future. Consider this hypothetical example:
> <feature name="some:feature" dir="ltr">
>     <otherns:role xml:lang="en">This feature is needed to do something
> useful</otherns:role>
> </feature>

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