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On Mar 10, 2010, at 09:55 , timeless wrote:
> Just to be difficult, i object to maximized being misspelled by an
> old-worlder. I'd suggest "max" or "maxed" as a compromise :)

Since we're being pedantic, it's incorrect to consider -ize as a new-worlderism  in many cases both are "correct" in proper English. It just so happens that -ise is often preferred in so-called "International English", especially for words of Latin origin (as is clearly the case here).

That having been said, when it comes to actual token the rule is to use the carpetbagger spelling so I've effected the change.

>> widgets that have no chrome and that therefore could masquerade some other existing objects on the screen.
> s/therefore could/could therefore/

Done, ta.

>> (e.g. tool bars, title bars, menus, etc.).
>> (e.g. the menu bar, the clock and similar icons, the system menu, etc.).
> the use of 'e.g.' is generally incompatible with 'etc.'

I must've been drunk, thanks.

>>   The view mode is the manner in which a widget is presented to a user that corresponds to the metaphors and functionalities in use on a given
> functionality [N-UNCOUNT]

What's your source? I get uncountable and countable (but I can't find information on whether there's a context differentiator).

>>   Describes a widget providing a more immersive interface,
> Google says that "immersive" isn't in their dictionary, Firefox
> concurs. Oh well, the web and its 3 million hits evolves to provide
> such terms.

I wasn't completely happy with that term, but I've seen it used rather regularly to describe UIs that use their own style corresponding to what they do rather than reuse the platform's metaphor  as far as I can tell it's typical UX talk, though I'll happily take another option that might be less jargonistic.

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