Re: VMMF — new version

On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 3:13 PM, Robin Berjon <> wrote:
> I just produced an update of VMMF to make it ready for publication:
> Essentially I changed it so that it corresponds to CSS Media Queries. That, plus it being a UI oriented specification, means that there's only one normative assertion and it's a SHOULD.
> Comments welcome, I think that this baby can ship.

Just to be difficult, i object to maximized being misspelled by an
old-worlder. I'd suggest "max" or "maxed" as a compromise :)

>  widgets that have no chrome and that therefore could masquerade some other existing objects on the screen.

s/therefore could/could therefore/

> (e.g. tool bars, title bars, menus, etc.).
> (e.g. the menu bar, the clock and similar icons, the system menu, etc.).

the use of 'e.g.' is generally incompatible with 'etc.'

>    The view mode is the manner in which a widget is presented to a user that corresponds to the metaphors and functionalities in use on a given

functionality [N-UNCOUNT]

>    Describes a widget providing a more immersive interface,

Google says that "immersive" isn't in their dictionary, Firefox
concurs. Oh well, the web and its 3 million hits evolves to provide
such terms.

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