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Le 08/02/2010 13:29, Robin Berjon a écrit :
> On Feb 5, 2010, at 16:18 , Marcos Caceres wrote:
>> On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 6:41 PM, Cyril Concolato<>  wrote:
>>> So I'm wondering how should the widget object be implemented in a UA
>>> that does not support the window object ?
>> Yeah, that's a tough one... the spec says:
>> "For a widget instance, a user agent MUST expose a unique object that
>> implements the widget interface to author scripts."
>> It does not give any guidance as to how the interface must be exposed.
> But then again, SVG supports the Window object (minimally defined in So just adding a widget field there ought to be straightforward.
My mistake. I had not realized that. But again, the question is why put the widget object on the window object, apart from it being a black hole. Why not put it in the global object. What's wrong with that? It would easier to specify. What's the benefit of using the window object?

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