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>> sorry to put you on the spot, but I don't recall this being discussed by WebApps
> I know that a liaison was sent from MPEG to the W3C early may 2009 and that the WG was informed.

Ah, do you have a pointer? I searched for "MPEG-U" in all the public and member lists yet only this thread shows up.

>> Can you give the WG some general ideas about what's happening around MPEG-U?
> Actually, I had made a web page that describes it and that I wanted to send earlier [1]. You will find there some background information and the current spec in PDF and soon some examples and code. If you have questions about the GPAC implementation of MPEG-U, you can ask me but if you have questions about the MPEG process, you can post them on the general MPEG Systems mailing list[2].

If avoidable I'd rather not join yet another mailing list just for a few questions, after which I'd have to unsubscribe again. Since you're closely involved with this work, would you mind answering the questions I outlined in my original post?

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