Re: Publishing Selectors API Level 2 as an FPWD?

On 1/11/10 8:25 AM, Sean Hogan wrote:
> If we could assume that commas only ever delimit selectors in a
> selector-string,

This is true for now, but may stop being true in the future.

> Hence no value is added by queryScopedSelector*().

At least from jquery's point of view, ok.

Note that jquery could do its extension selectors via post-parsing (if 
an exception is thrown) instead of pre-parsing, so there might be value 
in that case.  Depending on how often the extension selectors are used, 
of course.


Ah, I see.  Thank you.  That was the information I needed.

I do wonder how useful queryScopedSelector is, since it can be 
implemented easily via querySelector...


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