Re: IRC logging

* Lachlan Hunt wrote:
>There is currently no way to disable logging, as the need has never 
>arisen in any of the other channels.  We can note it as a feature 
>request and it might get implemented one day.

Contrary to what you suggest this has already been requested by several
parties. There is of course never a need for that, since discussions you
don't want to have logged are simply taken offline where neither channel
participants nor log readers have access to them.

>Unfortunately no, but so far it's the best we've got available to us. 
>It's always possible to fill in any gaps from other's personal IRC logs; 
>it's quite simple for Krijn to insert them if someone sends them to him.

Many would regard this as serious breach of protocol, unless the people
whose conversations have been logged in the logger bot's absence approve
of that explicitly for the occasion for various reasons; unreasonable as
that may seem.
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