Re: IRC logging

Doug Schepers wrote:
> Anne van Kesteren wrote (on 6/18/08 5:27 AM):
>> Krijn Hoetmer volunteered for logging our IRC channel (#webapps on 
>> similarly to how he logs for the HTML WG, CSS WG, and 
>> WHATWG. (Also the public ARIA discussion channel I believe.) If you 
>> have any objections to this please say so before the weekend.
> Not to be a stick in the mud, but I would want people to know that the 
> channel is logged (a message in the topic should suffice).


> People should be be able to opt out in some way, such as prefixing comments 
> with "[off]".  How is this accomplished with Krijn's logger?  Is there 
> some instruction page we can point people to?

There is currently no way to disable logging, as the need has never 
arisen in any of the other channels.  We can note it as a feature 
request and it might get implemented one day.  However, it is also 
possible to ask Krijn to remove something if there's a really good 
reason for it.

> Also, I've noticed that Krijn's logger sometimes goes down... if people 
> are relying on their comments being logged, this can be an unwelcome 
> surprise.  Is there a safeguard against that?

Unfortunately no, but so far it's the best we've got available to us. 
It's always possible to fill in any gaps from other's personal IRC logs; 
it's quite simple for Krijn to insert them if someone sends them to him. 
  For important things like telcons, RRSAgent is always brought into the 
channel anyway.

Lachlan Hunt - Opera Software

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