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"Packing on the Web" -- performance use cases / implications

[agenda] teleconf 2014-12-10

[frame-timing] spec updates & measuring work/cpu-time

[minutes] 2014-12-10 Web Performance: Frame Timing, Performance Observer, Server Timing, Resources Hints/Preload, ...

[minutes] 2015-01-14 Web Performance

[navigation-error-logging] new draft proposal

[resource-hints] Resource de-prioritization?

[User Timing] Clarification of negative duration values

[whatwg] allow <link> in body + DOM position as a rendering hint

add "networkDuration" to Resource Timing

All redirects cause loss of critical data from Performance.Timing

API review comments for Navigation Error Logging

Call for Exclusions (Update): Resource Hints

Call for Exclusions: Frame Timing

Clarification of issue in User Timing spec

Notification for new navigation timing entries

PerformanceEntry serializers

Resource Timing "name" capturing basic auth credentials for XHR requests.

rniwa from Apple just joined the Web Performance WG

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