[minutes] 2015-01-14 Web Performance

Present: Ilya, Tobin, Michael, plh (late)

Meeting notes (thanks to Michael):

- surfacing redirect timing data in NT/RT:

Tobin will check with the authors of the original spec, see if we can
figure out why some decisions were made regarding redirects.

 new proposal draft for NEL:

Ilya will check with Mozilla, Chrome is happy with the draft.

frame timing + cost:

"cost" is hard problem to get consensus on. Should probably be a
separate discussion.

cpuTime is challenging for both IE and Chrome to attribute to a frame.
IE investigating what would be feasible for them to surface. Feedback on
Ilya's document?

Separate API to measure/report CPU time in general (arbitrary JS

yoav: cpuTime is really interesting for image decoding time
useful to compare codecs and RUM for bytes versus decode time..
not necessarily part of "frame timing" maybe resource timing? javascript

Ilya: cpuTime (+gpuTime) measurement - (AI) lets document some use
cases. Frame Timing, Image Decoding, Memory utilization? etc.


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