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[web-bluetooth] Don't fire characteristicvaluechanged for Read Responses

[web-bluetooth] Figure out how to limit access from iframes

[web-bluetooth] Fixes for the Permission API integration part.

[web-bluetooth] Modify the "revoke Bluetooth access" numbering.

[web-bluetooth] Modify the step numbering of "revoke Bluetooth access"

[web-bluetooth] new commits pushed by jyasskin

[web-bluetooth] Provide a way to pair when the user's paying attention

[web-bluetooth] Pull Request: Reorder startNotifications steps

[web-bluetooth] Remove devices from BluetoothPermissionData

[web-bluetooth] Should we remove the Bluetooth Tree?

Closed: [web-bluetooth] Adding Nordic UART Service

Closed: [web-bluetooth] Modify the step numbering of "revoke Bluetooth access"

Closed: [web-bluetooth] Provide an option to bond device before connecting to device

Closed: [web-bluetooth] Reorder StartNotifications steps

Closed: [web-bluetooth] Use the canonicalizing algorithm when querying the bluetooth permission

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