[web-bluetooth] Discover "non-discoverable" beacons

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== Discover "non-discoverable" beacons ==
There should be a way to discover becaons that have just the "BR/EDR 
Not Supported" flag set, not any of the "discoverable" flags. An 
option in `navigator.requestDevice` could look like this.

var uriBeaconUUID = BluetoothUUID.getService(0xFED8);
  filters: [{ services: [uriBeaconUUID] }],
  mode: 'findEverythingWeCan' 

_ChromeOS assumes the point of discovering devices is to connect to 
them, and a non-discoverable device is probably not connectable 
either, and because BLE provides the "General Discovery Procedure" to 
search for devices, and that says "If the Flags AD type (see [Core 
Specification Supplement], Part A, Section 1.3) is present and either 
the LE General Discoverable Mode flag is set to one or the LE Limited 
Discoverable Mode flag is set to one then the Host shall consider the 
device as a discovered device, otherwise the advertising data shall be

See https://github.com/WebBluetoothCG/web-bluetooth/issues/141

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