Re: [web-bluetooth] Discover "non-discoverable" beacons

My main goal here is to make sure implementations are interoperable. 
Nobody's exposing a knob to configure which sorts of flags are 
returned by a scan, so we'll need to do a survey of existing platforms
 to see what they do, and see which can be fixed. "Fortunately", it 
seems like the existing Physical Web beacons (@scottjenson, 
@matthewsibigtroth) advertise without any of the discoverable flags 
set, and expect to be discovered, so we can write simple apps on each 
platform to check whether they're discovered.

Also, naïve question: What's the point of non-discoverable mode with 
non-connectable advertising events? If we're not supposed to discover 
the device to process the AD contents, and we're not supposed to 
connect to a known device, what can we do with it? 3.C.9.2.2 
explicitly anticipates this state, and seems to say that the 
Peripheral can still be connected to?

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Received on Saturday, 18 July 2015 17:15:40 UTC