Re: [web-bluetooth] Discover "non-discoverable" beacons

I'm confused about this issue. Why do you want to discover things that
 are not discoverable? There is a reason for being non-discoverable 
and you have already cited the spec saying the host shall ignore 
devices that aren't discoverable. Also check Core Spec v4.2, Vol 3, 
Part C "Generic Access Profile", Section 9.2.2 "Non-Discoverable" 
Mode, that reiterates what you cited: "A device configured in 
non-discoverable mode will not be discovered by any device that is 
performing either the general discovery procedure or the limited 
discovery procedure."

So this is a clear WontFix to me.

Also the discovery flags have nothing to do with connectability; if 
you receive ADV_NONCONN_IND then the device isn't connectable. A 
device can be non-discoverable but connectable, which is a common case

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Received on Saturday, 18 July 2015 16:40:10 UTC