Call 3/29/2024

We anticipate light attendance today as it is a holiday many places.

For a brief touchpoint on reflow please see Alistair's post on this issue thread:

I would like to double check that we are all on the same page with his examples, as I think we are.

After that we will go round robin with the Drafted column.
Please everyone, pick two EASY items to lead the group, preferably from the middle or end of the Drafted column.

  1.  Review ‘For discussion’ items
  2.  Review ‘Drafted’ items (30 min), either:
     *   move back to In progress, with more work to do
     *   move to Ready for approval, if there is general agreement the issue is sufficiently resolved
     *   leave in Drafted, if discussion was not concluded satisfactorily
  3.  Review ‘To do’.
  4.  Time permitting, items of interest to participants, including open discussions.

Meeting information

Received on Friday, 29 March 2024 13:10:30 UTC