Notes from Friday 11 Nov 2023

On the backlog call today we had Lori Oakley, Francis Storr, Alastair Campbell, Mike Gower, Bruce Bailey, Dan Bjorge, Giacomo Petri, and Bruce Bailey.

We spent about twenty minutes reviewing a work-in-progress process/procedure/workflow draft.  TF facilitator will continue to tweak before sharing link more widely.  The plan is to brief AG WG on 11/28 and seek consensus on an updated process. 

As before, one aim is to emphasize use GitHub for discussion and document.

We spent about twenty minutes reviewing and refining the Project Board,

Following the current process, we closed and closed three purely editorial Issues/PRs:

One other editorial PR is very close to being ready to merge.

There WILL be a call next week, 11/24 regardless of anticipated lighter attendance due to U.S. holiday.

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