Re: IPR briefing for new charters…

Dropping the CG ...

> On Sep 13, 2014, at 2:06 PM, "" <> wrote:
> If there are members known to be avoiding the group for IPR reasons, this is important information for the AC to do a review.

Hmmm. That information is usually offered in confidence AFAIK. The more it is required to be divulged to the AC, the less likely the Team is to get the real story. 

I think we're heading into deep waters here, not sure this is an issue that is going to get a friendly resolution. Is there a real problem here or are you just trying to formalize best practice?

This is a dilemma, since much of the W3C value proposition relates to IPR, but the more explicit thing are, the more they get nitpicked by lawyers, and much of the WHATWG value proposition for real people is that there are no lawyers in the room :-)

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