RE: Are Director's Calls mandatory for LCCR?

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> The Process Document, both the current one and the proposed change, 
> require the Director's Approval. The means by which this approval is 
> obtained has always been up to the Director. There is no change being 
> proposed.

The current practice is that no Director's call is required when a LCWD is published, however, a Director's call is required before a CR is published. If these two `maturity levels` are combined, will a Director's call be required or not to publish a LCCR?

You seem to be saying "well, it depends" and that seems like a Really Bad Answer so surely I must be missing something.

SZ: No what I am saying is that the procedures for getting the Director's Approval are not part of the Process, that is up to the Director. LCCR requires the Director's Approval. It is then up to the Director to establish procedures for getting that Approval. LC did not require the Director's Approval so there was no procedure for obtaining that Approval. In the current Process, a FPWD requires the Director's Approval, but, as I recall, it does not require a Director's call to obtain that approval. That part of the Process is outside the Process Document.

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