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> On Oct 10, 2013, at 19:53 , Charles McCathie Nevile  
> <> wrote:
>> We didn't. We never had the ability to make the AB's decisions.
> I think the 'A' in both AB and AC stands for 'advisory', and both bodies  
> can only 'advise' not decide.

They each decide what they will advise... but their advice is not binding.

> Be careful of always working in public: it can have a chilling effect on  
> debate sometimes, and if you want to know what people really feel, a few  
> 'in camera' sessions can be quite illuminating.

Yes. This is noted, although it isn't relevant to the people who aren't  
invited "in camera" but still have important contributions. I think it is  
just as important not to spend too much time working behind the scenes in  
the hope we'll get everything right there - although I do appreciate that  
some input may come that is both very valuable and publicly unattributable.

My preference is to make it possible to get that input privately, but as  
far as possible to avoid getting caught up in that discussion in private  
especially if it touches on areas where there is a parallel public  
discussion. Except for very sensitive issues it is usually feasible to get  
permission to publish an anonymised version of the important information,  
which would be my typically preferred approach.



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