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A couple of small points.

1. Implementation Experience.
You added, " As creating, reviewing, and running tests can be very time-consuming, Working Groups are often able to work more effectively if they plan their test development work early in the development process." 

We have long held that tests are not necessarily required and that the criteria is demonstration of (interoperable) implementations. For this, tests are one way to go, but not necessarily the only way. So I suggest that you change your sentence to, " Planning and accomplishing a demonstration of (interoperable) implementations can be very time consuming. Groups are often able to work more effectively if they plan how they will demonstrate interoperable implementations early in the development process; for example, they may wish to develop tests in concert with implementation efforts."

2. In bullet 3 of 7.2, the word "change" should occur after "substantive" in the first sentence.

3. I am a bit confused about the subsection of 7.4.5 on "edited Recommendations". This section list as a "SHOULD" that the Working Group, " SHOULD document known implementation.", but this is one of the General Requirements of 7.2. Does this mean that the General Requirements do not apply or should this requirement be removed in favor of the General Requirements (which seem to be required for "all W3C Recommendations" per the next paragraph.

Steve Z.
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Hi folks, as always the latest draft is at

- email thread starting at
editorial stuff
- clarified up requirements for an Edited Recommendation
- simplified errata, so making normative changes doesn't have a possible parallel process any more.
- added a sentence to the implementation experience section, advising people to plan early.

There are currently 7 issues pending review <> (i.e.  
I believe the draft addresses them) and none which have not been addressed.



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