Re: Semantic Markup at (IT) companies - living examples

Hi Kingsley,

also thanks a lot for the "heads up" from your side ;)

I was also looking at your website ;). You did the "trick", e.g., by  
introducing your own ontology to assign "vendors#hasVendor" or  
"products#hasFamily". This is not bad at all in general, because  
custom Semantic Markup is better then no Semantic Markup.  
Nevertheless, this is not really the " way" at this moment  
and I'm not sure how Goog et al. will interprete (and display) this  
information at their search.

So what I would like to do is having a start/landing page that briefly  
describes the company itself (by utilising appropriated Semantic  
Markup) + building a knowledge graph by shortly mention their services  
etc. + linking to the detail pages of those services (that include  
more detailed descriptions about single services). Coming back to the  
website of your company: when I parse your home/landing page with  
Goog's Structured Data Testing Tool, then I can find a description of  
your company (incl. "relatedLink"s). However no links to offers of  
this organization/corporation in the " way", i.e.  
"Corporation -> Offer -> Product", nor a " entity" (not  
schemaorg:WebPage, but schemaorg:Product) description of the service  
itself at the detail page (you also refer to entity description (in  
somehow human and machine readable way) outside of your real website).
To conclude: yes, your company has a knowledge graph that describes  
somehow your company incl. their (real) products and (broad) services.  
Nevertheless, this is not always that " compatible", i.e.,  
I'm not sure how the famous search engine vendors will interpret this  

tl;tr: I'm still looking for a living example of the " way"  
for, e.g., Corporation -> Offer -> Product (Service) -> Technology ;)



Quoting Kingsley Idehen <>:

> On 8/29/15 12:28 PM, Bo Ferri wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> (apologies for cross-posting [1] - but the question is still not
>> really answered ;) )
>> Are there any good (living) examples (real websites) available for
>> semantic markup ( etc.) at (IT) company websites*? - e.g.
>> Corporation -> Offer -> Product (Service) -> Technology ("company XY
>> offers YZ services that makes use of ZA technologies (target group AB
>> benefits from these services/solutions)").
> Assuming you are looking for live examples, we do actually describe
> products, offers, and many other things using terms from the
> vocabulary, naturally [1]. Basically, I maintain a pinterest collection
> of sites I've stumbled upon that also describe various things using
> terms [2].
> Hope that helps.
> Links:
> [1] -- License Offer
> (click on link to go to actual page, in many of the examples)
> [2] --
> Pinterest pin collection dedicated to usage
> Kingsley
>> goal: create a knowledge graph (i.e. inter-related (!) knowledge base,
>> i.e., entities are connected between each other) of a company (that
>> hopefully helps customers to better find appropriated companies to
>> solve their problems/challenges)
>> Any suggestions?
>> Thanks a lot in advance.
>> Cheers,
>> Bo/T
>> *)  I was just wondering a bit, since I was looking for an IT company
>> website as model/blue print and already did some research at various
>> places and didn't really find one that leverages all
>> available/possible semantic mark up (, or am I searching
>> just wrong? ;)
>> [1]
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