Re: Moving "C"onsent from Tracking Status to Permitted Use?

recap: valid out of band consent trumps DNT. You do not need an 
permitted use for that.

The permitted uses are tied to a specific purpose at the moment. 
Leaving the principle of purpose limitation for permitted uses is a 
concern to me.

If the purpose is to measure behavior across sites and devices, without 
changing the behavior, and not knowing if you have consent for this type 
of measurement, you are basically asking for a permitted use under DNT 
with zero added value for the DNT=1 expressions of users that you do not 
have OOBC for. I hope you see that you can not solve a problem by not 
calling it a problem anymore. You are asking for a disproportional wild 

DNT has to be meaningful.


Ronan Heffernan schreef op 2013-03-29 16:16:
> Panel enlistment is handled in different ways, and much of it is not
> online.  The "control link" will not be visited by most panelists,
> either.  Some users will have our custom software installed on some of
> their devices; some will not.  Throughout all of this, it is important
> that we measure behavior without *changing* behavior.  If the user
> wants to install a new UA, we have to measure their behavior with that
> UA, without making it easier, more difficult, or different in any
> meaningful way.  Otherwise, we are skewing the results.
> --ronan
> On Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 11:04 AM, Mike O'Neill
> <> wrote:
>> How does panel enlistment work then. Is that not managed online? The 
>> OOB response has a “control link” URL so why not execute the API 
>> there?
>> Mike

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