Re: Issue-205 for discussion on Wed - User Agent Compliance

Thanks Rigo. I'm looking forward to hearing what you and David come up

On 7/17/13 1:09 PM, "Rigo Wenning" <> wrote:

>On Wednesday 17 July 2013 09:04:03 Alan Chapell wrote:
>> The concern certainly includes, but is not limited to tool-bars and
>> search-bars. I believe its possible that browsers will look to
>> directly (and without the benefit of defined plugins or tool bars)
>> leverage information for ad targeting, content customization and
>> market research. In fact, if one looks at some of the server side
>> browsers, I don't believe that this is at all theoretical.
>Alan, you mainly don't want the browser to phone home without the user's
>consent. This is rather obvious and I have seen consensus around it
>(although only the chairs can assess consensus), but the issue is the
>wording as far as my understanding goes. David is trying to find
>wording, but it isn't simple to avoid the interference with normal
>networking operations.
>Let's wait for the next round of wording from David.. I'm thinking about
>words too.
> --Rigo

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