Re: Issue-205 for discussion on Wed - User Agent Compliance

On Wednesday 17 July 2013 09:04:03 Alan Chapell wrote:
> The concern certainly includes, but is not limited to tool-bars and
> search-bars. I believe its possible that browsers will look to
> directly (and without the benefit of defined plugins or tool bars)
> leverage information for ad targeting, content customization and
> market research. In fact, if one looks at some of the server side
> browsers, I don't believe that this is at all theoretical.

Alan, you mainly don't want the browser to phone home without the user's 
consent. This is rather obvious and I have seen consensus around it 
(although only the chairs can assess consensus), but the issue is the 
wording as far as my understanding goes. David is trying to find 
wording, but it isn't simple to avoid the interference with normal 
networking operations. 

Let's wait for the next round of wording from David.. I'm thinking about 
words too.


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