Re: Issue for discussion on Wed - User Agent Compliance

On Jul 16, 2013, at 12:24 PM, Rigo Wenning <> wrote:

> David, 
> the issue is that you don't want the browser or one of the search bars 
> or tools to phone home. This was pretty clear in HTML 4. In HTML5 the 
> distinction between browser-search-bar phoning home and widget ABC 
> phoning home and a web page tracking starts to blur. But what they all 
> do is sending browser history information or uniqueID. All other stuff 
> is mainly harmless. 
> What Issue is this attached to and if there is none, we should create 
> one. 

Currently we have ISSUE-205: user agent compliance requirements on the Compliance June product which tracks a couple of change proposals around the topic. 

I'm uncertain at this point whether this is actually a proposal about UA compliance (are browsers not supposed to remember or sync a list of open tabs?) or a requirement on other software (routers, cloud-based UAs, operating systems) that sees or sends along an HTTP request from tracking, or just a re-statement that Web sites operated by companies that produced the user's web browser are third parties when in a third-party context. So it's possible we would need a separate ISSUE, but for now we can use 205.


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