Re: Issue-205 for discussion on Wed - User Agent Compliance

On Tuesday 16 July 2013 18:20:45 Nicholas Doty wrote:
> I'm uncertain at this point whether this is actually a proposal about
> UA compliance (are browsers not supposed to remember or sync a list
> of open tabs?) or a requirement on other software (routers,
> cloud-based UAs, operating systems) that sees or sends along an HTTP
> request from tracking, or just a re-statement that Web sites operated
> by companies that produced the user's web browser are third parties
> when in a third-party context. So it's possible we would need a
> separate ISSUE, but for now we can use 205.


this is mainly the fear by small advertisers that browser makers can 
circumvent the limitations by making a search-bar or tool-bar that 
serves the same function as a third party and reports all browsing 
history to a certain entity. (phone home). That's why it is a 
requirement on the browser. Because there are companies in advertisement 
who have their own browser. One can also imagine widgets from certain 
large providers. 


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