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Update on Brussels this week

From: Peter Swire <peter@peterswire.net>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 11:55:13 -0800
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The update I have received from W3C staff is that it has been extremely
difficult to arrange space at the CPDP conference hotel in Brussels this

They have suggested the following:  Any interested working group
participants can gather for lunch on this Wednesday.

We will look for a place to sit and talk (and eat for this so inclined).
We will plan to make reservations near the conference hotel, likely at

If you are interested, please contact Thomas Roessler and me by email, so
we can make a reservation.

I would expect to provide further information in a follow-up email.

In addition, if any additional individuals or groups would specifically
like to meet with me while I am in Brussels, I have some flexibility
remaining on Wednesday morning and Thursday morning especially.  Please
email me, or leave a message at the conference hotel.

Thank you,


Professor Peter P. Swire
C. William O'Neill Professor of Law
    Ohio State University
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